What Jobs Are in After-School Programs?

At all times, the young generation has sought to become independent and experienced as fast as possible. And therefore, today, not all of the former students and teens strive to continue their studies in college after school graduation. More and more people choose another path and begin a career. Some just want to make money; some are trying to get the life experience and understand themselves. In any case, the labor market offers a wide selection of vacancies for those who either are in high school or have just graduated it and haven`t yet obtained work experience or additional education.

Many companies are willing to recruit such employees in their staff and help them in their working start. Besides, certain employers even promote the best workers to attain higher education. Here are some of the most popular after-school job programs for former high school students.


A Member of Fast Food Crew                                               

A job in the fast-food system is one of the most popular, simple, and accessible jobs for an inexperienced person. As a rule, a significant part of the staff of such restaurants consists of teens and after-school employees. The vacancy has many advantages, as you get quite nice working conditions, a convenient schedule that is easy to combine with other occupations or even study, hourly rate, meals at the expense of the employer, a uniform. However, it`s worth remembering some crucial moments. Firstly, you must be at least 16 years old. Secondly, to work in public catering, you must have a health card. And thirdly, for slow or emotionally closed people, this work can turn out to be rather tricky, as they will have to work in a hurry-scurry. Because of the hourly wage, you cannot count on fabulous earnings, but, as a first job, it is quite enough.



This vacancy is somewhat similar to the previous one, but it has several differences and advantages. Baristas also get uniforms, hourly pay, and flexible part-time shifts. However, as a rule, working conditions are a little more comfortable, as the atmosphere in coffee houses is calmer, and payment may be higher. Cafes and restaurants willingly hire people with no work experience and then teach them all the tricks. Plus, in addition to earning money, you`ll become good at coffee sorts and master the skill of making delicious drinks. Of the minuses, it`s worth considering that coffee houses open early, and you may have to work in very, very morning shifts.



As you can see, the restaurant business is one of the most loyal to ex-students, since, besides baristas and employees of fast food, many establishments are recruiting waiters. This job is trendy because it doesn`t require any experience and specialized skills. You can start a full-fledged work after a couple of days of traineeship and easily combine it with some education programs or preparatory courses. Besides, you receive a pleasant tip bonus, which will become a significant addition to the salary. But remember that you`ll have to spend your work shifts on your feet. So be prepared for fatigue at the end of the day. You will also have to form a health card.


Delivery Person 

Work on the delivery of documents, correspondence, or food is also suitable as an after-school job. Though these vacancies require efficiency and good physical shape, driving license will be a huge advantage and help for the candidate himself. A car makes delivery much faster and easier and, consequently, enlarges your income. This job is for you if you have your own car, but many employers provide their delivery guys with corporate vehicles, too. With such a job, sometimes you can choose the orders most convenient by time and address. It will help you plan your workday in advance.


Front Desk Receptionist 

If you are quite communicative and know how to win people over, the front desk receptionist vacancy is perfect for you. In fact, you will be the face of your salon, hotel, clinic, or fitness center. Your responsibilities include meeting guests, informing about services and their cost, recording an appointment, resolving organizational and guests` issues, sometimes payment fulfilling. Admittedly, the degree of responsibility is somewhat scary, but believe us, everything is much simpler in real life. Just stay polite, friendly, and organized. Other skills will come with practice.


Retail Job 

The work in retail stores is another excellent way to start a career. Firstly, almost no knowledge and experience is required from you. Each company trains its new employees, then assigns a tutor during the trial period and only then lets them work all alone. Like receptionists, you are expected to be friendly, courteous, and willing to help the customer in the best possible way so that he/she wants to return to your store again. You will also have to sort clothes, maintain order in the room, and work with the cash register. The best employees get the opportunity to advance to a store manager or a chain supervisor, as well as get an education at the expense of the company. A good investment of time and effort, isn`t it?



If you love kids and know how to communicate with them, you can try yourself as a babysitter. The work is both simple and hard at the same time. Your responsibilities include looking for children and their meals, walking, entertaining, providing educational games, and so on. You can also help kids with their pre-school programs or homework. This vacancy is suitable for those who are ready to take responsibility for the child, can find an approach to any little person, have enough energy and patience. In any case, with babysitting, you may forget about routine and fill your life with positive.


Craft Making 

And finally, for those who don`t want to work for some employers and are looking for maximum freedom and creativity, the option of art production may become the most suitable. If you have artistic skills, taste, and some education, you can try yourself in crafts like handmade jewelry, dish painting, making decor items, or writing pictures. Surely, such employment gives you complete freedom in choosing a place and time of work, but remember that it also entails the instability of income. You`ll have to look for markets and customers and can even face the possibility of a lack of orders. Collaboration with some art studio or jewelry store may become a more reliable but still artistic option.


In fact, this list is far from naming all after-school jobs. The labor market offers great working opportunities and further professional development for novice employees. The main thing is to understand what you want and start moving in this direction. And we hope our list will help you with it. Good luck!