How to Find a Remote Job for High School Students?

We all strive for freedom, independence, and the right to make our own decisions. This statement is especially true for teenagers. At this age, when we first feel like an adult, we want to depend on our parents as little as possible and rely more on ourselves. As financial matters directly influence independence, more and more high school students seek to find a part-time job. If direct employment can often interfere with the study, such an option as a remote job on a computer will suit everyone.

The Internet sets no clear boundaries of age and education, so this platform is friendly to anyone, including students. Nowadays, such people have a vast number of options for remote income that only requires several free hours and a network connection. Job search is also not so labor – and time-consuming due to the numerous services, freelance exchanges, and programs specially created for these purposes. Here are our top 5 tips on how and where a high school student can look for a remote job.

1 – Job Sites and Freelance Boards

When looking for the best remote vacancies, your first step should be a visit to specialized sites. These platforms are designed for employers and job seekers all across the country to place daily ads. It`s easy to guess that the choice on such websites is huge, so you can even start cooperation with large corporations and, subsequently, join their primary staff.

To view vacancies, you should register on the site, specify “work remotely” in the search bar or filters, and start choosing from the list provided. Then you need to upload your resume and send it to the employer. As a rule, such platforms offer free job search and resume posting.

Here are just a few of these sites: CareerBuilder, Freelancer, Dice, Glassdoor, Google for Jobs, Toptal, etc.

2 – Job Aggregators

Aggregators collect job ads from various platforms such as specialized sites and social networks. The advantage of this search is that you don`t have to monitor a large number of sites. You set the filters you need and view all suitable vacancies through one resource. If you liked the ad, click it and get to the site where the employer posted it. Like job search engines, most aggregators are free, but there are platforms with a paid subscription.

To search for remote work, you can use the following aggregators: Indeed, SimplyHired, CareerJet, LinkUp.

3 – Messengers and Social Media

Each of us daily uses a large number of instant messengers and social networks for communication and entertainment. So why not use them for job search either? Almost any media has channels and groups where employers post actual vacancies. Every day the number of such groups increases and the demand for employees grows too. No matter whether you are an experienced worker or a high school student, you`ll find a remote job.

Having subscribed to the channel, you see a brief description of the vacancy and the contact information of the employer. Then you can send your resume, complete a test task, or contact a company and discuss all the details of the remote work.

LinkedIn Jobs and Facebook are the most popular job searching sources. Try your luck in such groups as Job Opportunities & Careers, Jobs in NYC, Remote Job Opportunities, etc.

4 – Professional Forums

If you have clearly decided on the specialization of your future remote job, like copywriting or web design, then try looking for vacancies on professional forums. Active communication with their participants will undoubtedly speed up the job search process. You can also ask experienced workers for advice and develop your skills. We advise you to read their thematic discussions on the problems of finding a job, writing a resume, checking the employer`s reputation, and so on.

Even if you don`t succeed in finding a job, communicating with forum visitors can significantly help you understand how much you are interested in a particular professional field. Perhaps, you will even choose a specialty for further studies or, on the contrary, refuse some.

5 – Direct Contact with the Employer

Many students who have chosen one or two specialties prefer not to waste time on job search sites. They contact certain companies directly. You can write a letter to the company HR department, ask them about remote vacancies, and send your resume. Firstly, this approach will save you time and help focus on one goal. And secondly, having received a remote job, over time, you will be able to prove yourself. After graduating from school, you may get a higher education and continue development in this company.

So, here are five basic resources with the help of which any high school student can quickly find a remote job. And though this type of employment allows you to combine earnings with study and provides a flexible schedule, please mind that not all remote vacancies are suitable for a teen and a student. Let`s have a look at a few proven works that will appeal to you:

  • Copywriting is an excellent option for students. Your work will consist of writing advertising articles to promote goods and sites. All that is required of you is to find info on the subject and form thoughts into an article. Articles can be written anytime and anywhere. You can also choose the topics that interest you most.
  • Media Manager. Social media continue to develop actively, and many groups and companies hire people for their promotion and management. Moreover, preference is explicitly given to students and young people, since they better understand and feel trends.
  • Online Tutor. Even if you haven`t finished school yet, your knowledge and skills are enough to help kids in mastering the primary school curriculum. Try to search for students among children of acquaintances and tutor them in math, English, literature on Skype.
  • Website Tester. Many companies and sites conduct product testing before release. They hire people who test the product and then write a detailed review of all the pros and cons. One-time work, but well paid.

As you can see, being a school student, you can still find a remote job. The Internet gives us a lot of opportunities. Keep carefully looking through vacancies, check employers for good faith and reputation, and take your time.